QA NL1331A

###Q: What’s the requirement to get NL-1331 Meetups Badge?
A: Here’s what you need:
Must have RSVP (free or paid)
Must be verified on-site (ticket scanned)
Must hack registration portal (at the given time)

###Q: free ticket sold out?
A: it’s unlimited, try again.

###Q: What will we get if we buy Official Indonesia Kit?
A: Here’s what you get:

Paid Pack – Indonesia Kit (only 500 packs and only available in Jakarta): $15
2018 Indonesia flag/wing pin
2017 Misty Hannah Character Badge
2017 NL1331 Asia counter Badge (will be pushed to every unique agent name’s scanner, processed after event)
Tour specific collectible – NL-1331 commemorative card
Mobile command center patch
Rare load out card with codes containing Quantum Capsule & Aegis Shield
Add-ons (sold separately from Kit):
Bronze Wing Pin $5
Coin $14

###Q: What will off-site agent have?
A: Off-site agent can buy paid kit pack (and add-ons) and will still have NL-1331a 2017 Badge if you bought paid kit (not add-ons)

###Q: Is it mandatory to have myself verified (and hack the registration portal) at the given time or can we hack or verify at any given time during the event?
A: The registration will be strictly at the given time from the local faction liaison