NL-1331A is an Ingress community cross-faction meetup event held by Niantic. Just like Anomaly, Niantic team will be onsite and run the show themselves.

This event somewhat similar to existing events called Ingress First Saturday or IFS. But according to the latest news, unlike IFS, it will be possible for onsite agents to get NL-1331A badge on NL-1331A event.

This year Indonesia will be hosting this event.

Location and time schedule of NL-1331A Indonesia:

BandungYellow Truck Coffee, Linggawastu, TamansariWednesday
21 March 2018
17.00 to 20.00
JakartaAnjungan Jakarta, TMII, Jakarta TimurSaturday
24 March 2018
15.00 to 17.00

Official registration link for NL-1331A Bandung here:

Official registration link NL-1331A Jakarta here:

Person in charge for Bandung site will be agent @GenelaDupont, and for Jakarta site will be agent @spidertazmo. Should you have any question regarding the event please don’t be hesitated just give them a chat on Telegram. You may also visit FAQ page for NL-1331A here for more information.

Viva La Enlightened, see ya ONSITE!