Mission Day Jakarta

History of Batavia

About MD Jakarta

In cooperation with the Department of Tourism and Culture of Jakarta, Enlightened Indonesia present Mission Day “History of Batavia”, a journey transcending the time and history at Old Town area, Jakarta.

Verification Criteria

  1. Completed at least 15 Mission Day’s missions
  2. Verification can take place after agents showed the completion of minimum 15 Mission Day’s missions at the given time to the local verificators
  3. Verification location will take place at Kantin Mega Rasa

Email Verification Procedure

  • Only agents departing on March 25 using airplane can use verification by email
  • Mission Day medal count will not be awarded if a violation is found
  • Use your Agent codename as the email subject

Email attachments required:

  1. A full scanner screenshot showing your codename and the (min) 15 completed MD mission badges
  2. Three selfies taken on 25-Mar: two with different mission portals, and one taken at the airport’s boarding gate
  3. Email must be sent to missiondayjakarta@gmail.com between 13.00 – 23.59 (UTC+7)


Time Activity
10:00 Group Photo
10:30 – 16.30 Verification
13.00 – 23.59 Email verification


ENL PoC: @spidertazmo


March 25, 2018, 10AM UTC+7


Taman Fatahilah, Kota Tua, Jakarta

Group Photo Location

Group photo will be taking place in front of Museum Sejarah Jakarta

On-site Verification Location

Verification will be taking place at Kantin Mega Rasa